Our History

A History Of Success


Fifteen years ago, Owner Sam Wiggins started Absolute Fitness Solutions because of his love of body building and power lifting, which began at a young age. When he started Absolute Fitness Solutions in 2000 he already had 20 years of professional fitness experience. By 1998, Sam had started purchasing and fixing equipment for personal friends and business partners, and in 2000 he founded Absolute Fitness Solutions in Marietta, PA.

Originally, AFS was a small team of workers, buying and selling out of a 20’ x 30’ garage. In 2009, AFS incorporated and moved into a warehouse in Lancaster, PA, where the team began offering a larger selection of equipment and began shipping internationally. The company moved again in 2013, to a large warehouse in West York where the AFS Team currently stocks and repairs equipment.

Currently, Absolute Fitness Solutions has one of the largest selections of used commercial fitness equipment. Sam Wiggins remains closely associated with the world of body building, maintaining friendships with some of the world’s greatest fitness champions.

Our company was founded on expert knowledge of fitness equipment and the larger fitness industry. That experience and dedication to fitness as a way of life continues to inform the decisions we make every day, and our ability to help you make the best choice regarding your used equipment purchases and repairs.

As we celebrate 15 years in business, we want to take the opportunity to thank all of the employees who keep Absolute Fitness Solutions running strong, and all of our partners and customers who have worked with us over the past 15 years.

We continue to work closely with the fitness world, as well as working closely with our local community. We sponsor events and charieties in our region, including an annual Toys for Tots donation, sponsoring the Hempfield Area Rec Center's "Tri For Life" Event, and sponsoring local sports teams.