Strength Training

Plate Loaded Equipment, Benches & Freeweights

If you’re looking to build muscle mass or concentrate on some strength training, come to Absolute Fitness, where we can provide you with the best fitness equipment for your needs. Strength training involves focusing on particular muscle groups in order to develop them naturally so you have more strength. Strength training is done methodically and gradually as opposed to power-lifting, which is used to bulk up muscles quickly. Whether you’re pursuing strength training or a more rigorous routine, Absolute Fitness Solutions has a variety of equipment to add to your setup. Plate loaded equipment lets you get the most out of your investment by working a variety of muscles groups with the same weights. You can customize a workout, and use your set of plates with a variety of machines.

The most versatile type of strength trainging equipment are freeweights, allowing you to develop a training routine specific to your needs. Freeweights require strength and balance, working synergystic muscle groups. They are an essential addition to any fitness collection, whether it is a home gym or commercial fitness center. Whatever your needs are, we can help you select the best piece of quality used equipment from our inventory. You can browse some of our plate loaded equipment, benches, and freeweights below, or see a complete list on our inventory page. If you have questions about specific equipment, regional delivery, or national/international freight shipping, give us a call at (717) 517-7525 or come to our shop.

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