Steppers are used mainly to work the muscles in the legs, but can be instrumental in the development and tightening of the muscles in the gluts as well. By giving the sensation of walking up stairs, the stepper works out muscles that might not get consistent exercise, especially if you are only walking on a consistently flat surface. Steppers also move the joints in the knees and hips, giving them vital exercise to keep them from getting stiff.

Steppers come in a variety of different forms. Some are simple stepping machines containing pedals for your feet that move up and down with your natural walking movement. Others have bars you can hold on to and pump with your movement, exercising your arms as well.  If you would like to browse our selection, come to the shop and any member of our staff will help you select the stepper that will accomplish your fitness goals. If you just have questions, you’re welcome to call us directly at (717) 517-7525.


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