Life Fitness Drive Motor Assembly

  • This is the motor only. You must reuse the existing flywheel and speed sensor. If these items cannot be reused, they must be purchased separately.

  • Fits Lifefitness treadmill models:

    • 9100HR S/N HTN100000
    • 93T S/N ATS100000 - ATS100845
    • 93T S/N TTC100000
    • 93T S/N TTD100000
    • 9500 S/N HTO100000
    • 95Te S/N TTE100000
    • 95Ti S/N TTJ100000
    • 95Ti S/N TTI100000
    • 9700 S/N HTP100000
    • 97Te S/N TTM100000
    • 97Ti S/N TTN100000
    • 97Ti S/N TTO100000