About Us

At Absolute Fitness, not only do we sell fitness equipment, but here's what we also do for you!

  • Repair, Refurbish, and Recondition the equipment to next to new status
  • Keep our warehouse stocked with manuals and parts to repair your equipment
  • Travel to your home or business
  • Offer a Preventative Maintenance Agreement to make sure your equipment is in good condition year-round!
  • Deliver to locations in the northeastern part of the United States
  • Install new or used fitness equipment
  • Extract and/or Relocate equipment within your facility or to another location

All of this goes to show that we are dedicated to you and your fitness routines, whether you would like our equipment for home, personal use or need it for your commercial business. If you would like to discuss your fitness equipment needs with a member of our staff, call us directly at (717) 517-7525. We look forward to providing you with great service and greater equipment.